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The Reason You Keep Failing At Your Fitness Goals

The Reason You Keep Failing At Your Fitness Goals


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You FAIL because of this...

Why do you know what you need to do, but just can't do it?

We hope, dream and pray for a better body, but never seem to be able to obtain or achieve it?

You start making positive progress towards these goals, but then self-sabotage?

What're the reasons why can't we achieve the things that we want to achieve?

Is something stopping us? What’s to blame for this happening?

Well, I’ll tell you...

It’s YOU.

Yes that’s right. There is no external thing or force working against you. The reason you’re where you’re at right now is because of you.

I know.

That can be a hard pill to swallow at first. But it’s important you understand this if you’re ready for lasting change.

Are you ready?


Everything up until this point in your life has shaped your current set of beliefs. And this is why you keep failing at your fitness goals.

Maybe it’s always being overweight.

Maybe it’s struggling to make progress in the gym. A horrible relationship with food.

Thinking any diet or program will never work for you. How you feel when you look in the mirror.

Whatever it may be...

The problem is that your beliefs shape your actions. And your actions will give you feedback - either bringing you closer or further away from your goals.

If you don’t truly believe you have what it takes to achieve your fitness goals (or anything for that matter) that WILL show up in your actions. Ultimately leading to you not reaching your goals.

The good news: We can intercept our beliefs and reshape them to be more in line with your goals (which we talked about in day 1).


This is the most difficult part. Change is not easy. And that’s my core goal for you with this bootcamp - to make taking action (with the right tools and plan) easier for you.

You must start taking massive action, no matter how scary or uncomfortable it feels.
By taking action, you will always then get some type of feedback.


With your feedback, this of course can be positive or negative. Maybe you see the scale moving down, your clothes are fitting better, you’re getting compliments from those around you, etc...

Boom, you’re now reaffirming your NEW beliefs about what you are going to achieve.

Here’s where most get tripped up though. If you’re not seeing progress (or not fast enough) most get discouraged, maybe even give up or slowly fall off the wagon.


Use feedback as a compass if you keep failing at your fitness goals. If it’s not something you like or AFTER actually committing to something LONG enough to get some sort of result, then you can reassess your plan that’s inline with your beliefs and then take massive action once again.

With this positive feedback loop, you’ll become unstoppable, and reaching your fitness goals will become inevitable.

Action Items

1) Based on your goals, shift any negative past beliefs into POSITIVE affirmations and beliefs that support and motivate you.

Remember, whatever happened in the past does not have to define you now and moving forward. YOU have the power to rewrite your own story.

2) Take massive action with what you have been learning in this bootcamp. It’s the only way to prove to yourself that you can actually accomplish this.

3) As you begin getting feedback, this is your compass on whether you need to keep doing what you’re doing or tweak your approach so you can continue taking massive action towards your goals. The reality is, you won’t get it on the first try. But if you keep this process in mind, you’ll become unstoppable!