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SHRED is the 90 Day Workout & Nutrition Program to help men:

  • Drop 6-8lbs Of Body Fat Per Month
  • Develop Incredible Muscle Tone
  • Improve Strength and Body Proportions
  • Reach Defined Six Pack Ab Level
  • Use Fitness To Enhance Your Life (Not Consume It)

Get Instant Access To The Workout Program, Exercise Tutorials, Nutrition Guide, Meal Plans, Learning Database, Facebook Community And More...





SHRED is the 90 Day Workout & Nutrition Program to help men:

  • Drop 6-8lbs Of Body Fat Per Month
  • Develop Incredible Muscle Tone
  • Improve Strength and Body Proportions
  • Reach Defined Six Pack Ab Level
  • Use Fitness To Enhance Your Life (Not Consume It)

Get Instant Access To The Workout Program, Exercise Tutorials, Nutrition Guide, Meal Plans, Learning Database, Facebook Community And More...

TEL SHRED MAIN ARM v0.1 (small)

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I’ve Personally Coached Hundreds Of Men Through This
Proven Process… The Results Speak For Themselves:


"Crazy progress... without feeling restricted or overly-stressed. Not only did I feel lost on what to do, I felt that I had way too many commitments to make this whole "fitness thing" a part of my life. Trent quickly changed that. He had me focus on the few essential diet and exercise strategies that gave me the most “bang for my buck,” and I started making crazy progress...The best part is that I did it without feeling restricted or overly-stressed." —Jason


"33lbs in 16 weeks. Job done. Trent’s ability as a coach is rare. He understand's what your maximum is and pushes past those barriers. From a nutrition perspective he was a game changer, tweaking my food slightly and boom, the results came quickly. I highly recommend Trent as a coach and trusted advisor. He guided me on a transformation that has changed my life - 33lbs in 16 weeks. Job done!" —Tim

Nick Progress New

"My disability is no excuse... With mild cerebral palsy and busy work life in New York City it was always a struggle to make fitness and healthy choices a priority. Trent made that super easy for me. Throughout my journey of losing 70lbs, Trent helped take my body and mind to the next level. Not only do I have more confidence in myself but every area of my life is improving, it's the best of both worlds." —Nick

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"I'm the husband and father I was meant to be. Tired all the time, no energy for things I wanted to do, the doctor saying I was at risk of having to go on medication for my cholesterol - I tried so many diets and workouts in the past, I was so lost on what to do. That's before I started working with Trent. His guidance and knowledge is first-class hands down. The daily communication he has was the game changer because he highlighted my strengths, improved my weaknesses and developed a plan that was realistic for me to follow. I can't explain how much this has impacted my life." —George


"I hated my body. I'm not going to lie, this was tough. I was bullied and picked on a lot in school. And while that was my first motivation, Trent helped turn all of that around and taught me the importance of taking care of myself and reaching my best potential. The training, nutrition, the fact that I talked with Trent each day was one of the best (and only) experiences I had. I recommend to anyone ready to take their health and fitness to the next level. Thanks again Trent!" —Brett


"Freaking priceless! Growing up, I always struggled with my weight. I never thought I'd ever be able to get as lean as I did, but with the help of Trent, that changed my entire mindset. Not only that I had around blending fitness into my lifestyle, but the belief I had in myself. Trent's coaching experience was worth every penny. How I feel now and how this impacted all areas of my life is freaking priceless." —Wyatt

dumbbells shred

Build Tone & Definition Over Your Entire Body

abs shred

Develop Strong 6 Pack Abs

lifestyle eating shred

Lifestyle Friendly Nutrition Strategies

Be Honest...

  • Have you struggled to lose fat (or keep it off) in the past?

  • Have you found it tough to stay consistent long enough to see results?

  • Is it hard to find the time to fit nutrition and exercise into your busy schedule?
    (Who has time to cook every day or actually make it to the gym more than a few times week anyway?)

  • Does too much snacking or weekend binge eating derail your diet, making you feel like you “fell off the bandwagon”?

  • Is it tough to muster the motivation or disciple to just stick to a program?

  • Have you ever felt like it HAS to be easier than this... but you just haven’t found something that works for you by fitting into your lifestyle?

If You Answered "YES" To Any Of Those, You're Not Alone... There's Hope!

I’ve been there — as have countless others just like you.

The cold, hard truth is: it’s next to impossible to lose weight and build the lean and healthy body you want if you don’t follow a plan that’s both easy to do, and fits into your busy lifestyle.

But that’s where to good news comes in…

Once you understand a few basic principles, you can quickly lose body fat and easily maintain a lean and healthy body forever.

...But who am I to talk?

I Struggled With Holding Onto Excess Stubborn Body Fat For Years Until I Created A Simple Process That Helped Me Get To Six Pack Ab Level Without Killing Myself In The Gym Or Sacrificing My Favorite Foods

how to get rid of skinny fat

Hi, I’m Trent McCloskey... I'm glad you're here.

I know what it's like to look in the mirror and hate your body - even disgusted with yourself.

My turning point came to me when I was finally fed up with having ZERO confidence, hating how I looked in clothes, fearing moments with my shirt off, being very very single, and honestly feeling like my life had no purpose. Which soon led to a nasty spiral of depression which stormed over me for months and months.

Fitness was the lowest hanging fruit that I could grab and changed everything.

I knew I needed to make a change, and began my fitness journey where I hit nearly every roadblock in the book. After tons of failed programs and rebounding, insane amounts of effort with little payoff, eating bland and boring foods, draining my wallet on tons of supplements -- I finally found a simple process that worked for me...

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of men finally build a strong and muscular body they’ve always wanted.

And best of all, this plan is designed to fit INTO your life - not so that fitness and nutrition become the center of it.

If you can follow a few simple guidelines and commit to this, you'll see the results you want without living in the kitchen or spending hours every day at the gym.

This 3-Part Blueprint Will Have You Losing Fat & Getting Toned From The Very First Week!

Pro-Metabolic Foods

Learn how to eat in a way that boosts testosterone for more muscle and less stubborn body fat.

Strategic Training

Build Strength & Muscle Tone Spending Only 3x Per Week In The Gym.

Lifestyle Focused

Simply let the systems of this workout and nutrition plan integrate into your lifestyle so you can enjoy your life, too.

What's Inside The Course?

TEL SHRED MAIN ARM v0.1 (small)
  • 1
    12 Weeks Of Workouts - to lose fat & build incredible muscle tone while spending LESS time in the gym.
  • 2
    Full Nutrition Course - uncovering all the fat loss strategies and secrets I teach my 1 on 1 clients. *
  • 3
    Learning Database - so you can sustain your results for life, make REAL progress and start feeling confident in your body immediately.
  • 4
    Roadmap To Your Goal Body - The entire program condensed for easy reference on your plan of action.

* Any one of these secrets could help you lose more fat each month...

How Much Does This Program Cost?

First, lemme ask you something...

When you finally reach your goal of building a lean and muscular body, what would that be worth to you?

...I already know what you're thinking: It's priceless! And damn tough to put a number on it because there's so much more to this!

So how long will you continue to go on with no confidence and feeling like your body is holding you back in life? Aren't you already sick and tired of putting in so much effort and not seeing any results? How frustrating is all the confusing diet and exercise advice out there? How many times are you going to “get back on the bandwagon” and make New Year’s resolutions, only to give up a few weeks into it?

When you are going to take control and PROVE to yourself you can transform your body so you're no longer feeling self-conscious, unhappy, and unhealthy?

The lack of a proven, reliable system that’s easy to stick to and actually works is costing you a great deal (WAY more than the price of this program)... But it’s time to change all of that, right here and now. I’ve packed this program full of all the information you need to gain muscle and strength once and for all, and I’ve made it affordable for anyone.

Shred - Online Program

One Time Payment  •  Instant Lifetime Access

One-Time Payment

ONLY $197


One-Time Purchase With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Immediate Lifetime Access To The Entire Digital Program.

What Makes The Shred Program SO Different?

I'm a firm believer that there is no "one size fits all approach" especially when it comes down to your personal body type and lifestyle.

I give you the tools and show you how to create the best results for YOU. This program was created by me (a guy who struggled for years with his body) and battle-tested by hundreds of men in your exact position.

My goal with this program is to not only get you incredible results quickly but also how to keep your results for life. That's where Shred really shines.

As A Bonus, You’ll Also Get:

TEL ProgramOverview ARM v0.1 (small)
  • Meal Plan & Recipe Bundles - To help make eating for fat loss and strength gains easily fit into your lifestyle.
  • Fat Loss Nutrition Calculator - You'll know EXACTLY how much and what foods you should be eating for the best results.
  • Exercise Video Tutorials - Hit the gym with confidence knowing how to perform each workout and exercise in your plan.
  • Troubleshooting Handbook - Consistency is what breeds results. You'll be able to know immediately what's working and what's not to stay on track.
  • Train. Eat. Live. Community - Gain immediate access to my TEL Community with like-minded individuals on the same journey for support.

Anyone Can Do This, And It Works No Matter Your Schedule Or What You’ve Tried (And Didn't Work) In The Past.

Easy, Actionable Modules

Learn At Your Own Pace

Easy To Understand, Actionable Modules - All The Fat Loss Secrets

This powerful transformation system can be learned (and used) at your own pace. Each module in the course will give you actionable strategies to lose body fat and get toned as quickly as possible.

Learn Anywhere From Any Device

Exclusive Online Access

Learn Anywhere From Any Device

Because this is a complete online course, you can take it with you where ever you go, as long as you have an internet connection. You can even follow along with the workout videos from inside the member’s area, whether you’re at home or at the gym.

Lifetime Access

Complete Lifetime Access

Always Have Digital Access To Everything

Get lifetime access to the entire program, so that you can come back to it whenever you need, whether that’s a week from now or a year from now. Your lifetime access doesn’t expire, so you’ll have this program available to you whenever you need it.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

You'll be training with weights in the gym just 3x per week! There are also cardio, mobility, and posture routines that can be performed on your rest days. 

This is how you use the most effective strategies to get the best results while using fitness to enhance your life, not consume it.

Yes! This program is designed to get you the best results in a gym setting or a home gym with the proper equipment. You'll need access to free weights (barbells and dumbbells) cable towers, and machines.

If you don't have access to cable towers or machines, I show you how to adjust the workouts. BUT barbells and dumbbells are needed as they are the most important. 

Yes it does! As not many online programs do so. After dialing in my nutrition protocols and using the fat loss nutrition calculator, you'll be able to select the meal plan that best suits your body's needs for ideas on how to structure your food each day.

This also comes with recipes and grocery lists to take all of the thinking and frustration out of your eating. 

Again, this program was created by me (a guy who struggled for years with his body) and has been tested by my 1 on 1 clients on top of the hundreds of other men I helped transform. 

If you follow the program, bring yourself closer to the standards I set for you in this program - there's no reason for this NOT to work. 

It will only not for someone who does not put forth the effort to create results. If you give up after a couple of weeks, no program would work for that matter.

Beginners are welcomed! The program is thoroughly laid out step by step so you know exactly what you need to execute on. All the way from learning what to eat to finding your starting weights to use at the gym - you're covered!

On top of that, you'll have video tutorials, descriptive instructions and even the Train. Eat. Live. Community for support and accountability. 

The program does come with multiple meal plan examples, grocery lists, recipes, a nutrition calculator etc. 

Keep in mind, these are just templates to help build your own way of eating and point you in the right direction. 

So yes, you can follow them strictly OR if you have a date, dinner, work event, traveling, etc. you'll be allowed to enjoy those times (as I want you to!) and it won't hurt your progress.