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The Pro Metabolic Diet Revealed

Pro Metabolic Diet


Is not being able to burn stubborn fat from your belly, hips, and lower back a challenge for you? The Pro Metabolic Diet Principles are what finally allowed myself and clients to take our results to the next level!

One thing that holds men back from looking their best is that they don’t know how to get rid of that last layer of fat from their midsection.

And I’m with you on this one…

If this sounds like you, you’ll love this free live training to learn how to burn fat, build muscle, and balance health with these pro metabolic diet principles. Click here to learn more.

​Ugh I remember when I used to take my shirt off, say on the beach, and friends were so surprised I had so much stubborn fat even though I was on the thinner side. In short, it’s that skinny fat look I struggled most with.

​This crushed my confidence.

When I first started my fitness journey I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I’d go on to try so many different diets, fat burners, detoxes, etc.

Believe me when I tell you that I’ve tried EVERYTHING to burn stubborn fat. Literally everything…

The worst of my attempts always left me repeating the vicious cycle of:

1) Trying to put on lean muscle, but gaining more stubborn fat on my midsection in the process.

2) Trying to lose the stubborn fat, but also losing muscle, so I always just wound up smaller, without the definition and tone I was after.

pro metabolic diet food list

Until I cracked the code…

The exact formula that would allow me and now hundreds of others to transform their bodies!

What did I figure out?

A huge piece to this puzzle was adopting the pro metabolic diet principles.

Pro Metabolic Diet Before And After

It’s not just my results either…

In just 6 months, Justin completely transformed from skinny fat to lean and muscular while following the Train. Eat. Live. pro metabolic diet strategies.

If you’re interested in learning more about the specific diet, workouts, and lifestyle habits Justin also used for this transformation, please see this free live training here.

pro metabolic diet before and after
pro metabolic diet before and after

Here’s what Justin had to say about his transformation:

“Turning 30 this year was a significant milestone for me!

​6 months ago; back in February; the week of my 30th birthday, I started a journey…a journey to begin prioritizing a healthier lifestyle. This included eating better and exercising. After going to the gym faithfully for only 3 weeks, life threw a curveball at me, or maybe I should say at all of us…

Just as I was getting in the routine of going to the gym and eating better, here came the pandemic. As fear and panic started to set in, I thought to myself “now what?” I had a choice…give up or dig deeper. With that causing additional anxiety for myself and the rest of the world, it would’ve been very easy to give up and eat everything in sight.

New Mindset Incoming!

However, I knew how much I wanted to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. This is where I had to shift my mindset. Between better eating habits with Trent’s pro metabolic diet food list and transitioning to home workouts since gyms were closed, I continued to get the results I wanted. I even purchased a home gym! Just like anything else in life, it’s all about balance. I’m proud to say that I’m down 30 pounds and I gained some muscle! I’m currently in the best shape of my life.

​Big shout out to my coach and friend Trent McCloskey for helping me along the way! I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to continue making progress. What started off as a journey is now a lifestyle. If you or anyone else you know is interested in his Train Eat Live program, this can be one of the best decisions you ever make!

Moral of the story: Regardless of what you’re going through or any obstacles you may encounter, sometimes it just takes a changed mindset to achieve what YOU want!”

Since 2015 Train. Eat. Live. has had over 600+ successful skinny fat to lean and muscular transformations. Click here to see more proof.

Pro Metabolic Diet Benefits

Over the years I’ve dialed in the most effective methods for:

  • Adding muscle definition over your entire body
  • Finally reaching six-pack ab level
  • Losing stubborn body fat from hips, lower back, and midsection
  • Using fitness to enhance your lifestyle, not consume it

So how do my clients get some of the best results in the fitness game?

We focus on the 20% —> that creates 80% of your results. In other words, we focus on the most effective protocols and leave all the BS on the curb.

This is probably unlike anything you’ve heard before about health and fitness…

After adopting the pro metabolic diet principles here are some of the changes you can expect:

There’s no chance you’re not going to starve and restrict yourself from your favorite foods to lose that last bit of stubborn body fat covering your abs…

You’re not gonna have to beat yourself down in the gym 5 days a week despite how hard you think it is to put on some lean muscle…

No need to worry about ruining all your progress if you have to travel or eat out more often…

You will not be spending hours and hours doing boring cardio…

You’re not going to be spending money on worthless supplements, protein powders, detoxes, or any weird fad diet stuff…

pro metabolic diet carbs

When you’re awake, you’re wide awake and brimming with energy.

While sleeping, you sleep like a rock and wake up refreshed and excited about your day – no coffee needed.

You also won’t ever deal with bloating issues and will be able to digest all food incredibly well…

You’ll rarely get sick, which isn’t a surprise given how incredible you feel every day, and you’ll be mentally sharper than ever…

Your drive to chase your goals will be stronger than ever because you’ll feel downright powerful and capable.

On top of that, you’re relaxed and confident, letting the stress of life roll off your shoulder.

Feel And Look Your Very Best!

Your skin will glow, your hair will look and feel smooth and silky – there will pretty much be an aura around you that others notice.

You’ll have high sex drive, and in the bedroom, you’ll perform very well…

Your health is merely RADIATING out of you.

This level of health and fitness, this quality of living. It’s not a fairy tale.

And of course, your body will reflect this and look downright sexy in and out of clothes.

When you look in the mirror, you see a lean and muscular body with perfect proportions looking right back at you…

RESULT: You’ll accomplish your fitness goals in a shorter amount of time, you’ll be able to enjoy the process, and finally make this a sustainable lifestyle shift.

Can you imagine what this will look like, for you?

How will your life be different, in all areas?

Pro Metabolic Diet Food Lists

Alright I know you’re probably so eager to learn more about the pro metabolic diet and what foods you should be eating on a daily basis for the best results.

I believe the best place to start is what you should be AVOIDING in your pro metabolic diet.

Personally, I had a bad experience with not just winding up skinny fat despite the hard effort towards my fitness goals though it seemed like whatever I tried, my body was always more prone to gaining fat and struggling to build/maintain muscle.

Not to mention the horrible digestive issues, stress, low testosterone/sex drive and trouble sleeping. Not fun. Especially when you have a bunch of other things going on in life.

Looking great wasn’t enough, I needed the entire healthy lifestyle to go with it.

Pro metabolic diet foods are simply easily digestible, nutrient-dense foods.

You might now be thinking, “whole foods!” I’d reply that you are correct.

But even “healthy” foods can still contain things that hold your metabolism back.

Foods And Additives You Should Avoid

To start revamping your diet, here’s what you should do your best to avoid. This means reading your food labels for:

  • Canola Oil
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Corn Oil
  • Seeds/Seed Oil
  • Soy
  • White Table Sugar
  • Commercial Grains/Wheat
  • Carrageenan
  • Xanthan Gum (basically all gum additives)
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Fortified Iron (added iron, listed on label)

Anything that causes digestive stress is putting your metabolic rate at risk. The bloating, stomach pains, upset stomach, bathroom issues, acne, something is out of alignment there.

It causes stress on your digestive organs and if this continues from say rancid oils and processed foods long enough, this can lead to chronic inflammation throughout the entire body.

Would you like an entire pro metabolic diet food list of what foods you should be eating each day?

I’m giving out the Lean Body Grocery List for those who attend my new live training! Click here for more details.

Ready To Burn Fat, Build Muscle, And balance Health With The Pro Metabolic Diet?

As I mentioned above, I would love to help you finally build a body you’re confident in.

I’m now holding a brand new live training that’s going to walk you through:

1) Training techniques for predictable muscle and strength gains in the gym.

2) Nutrition strategies around food choice, calories, and body type to drop stubborn fat. Along with what pro metabolic diet foods you should be eating each day.

3) Living methods for busy schedules, deep sleep, high energy, and lowering stress.

4) Bonus: How to bash through limiting beliefs and regain motivation & confidence.

No one in the industry is talking about this formula and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Click the link here or the banner below to view this live training video right now.

To your success!

Creator of Train. Eat. Live.



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