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How To Set Up Your Nutrition For Faster Fat Loss More Energy And Radiant Health With Pro-Metabolic Foods

How To Set Up Your Nutrition For Faster Fat Loss, More Energy And Radiant Health With Pro-Metabolic Foods


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The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities - shout out to Steven Covey for that one.

Read it over again and let that really sink in. It's simple but very powerful.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day - which I'm sure you're maybe tired of hearing by now, but it's true.

1) Take an audit of your day

-What's going on hour to hour?

-What can you replace with something more productive to your goals?

-What can you automate to make easier for yourself?
For example, that's why I love Imperfect Produce. Organic produce delivered to my doorstep every Monday? Count me in!

-What can you tweak in your environment to make getting to the gym easier or prevent issues like mindless snacking?

The main point I'm trying to make, I've coached CEO's to accountants all the way to mom's of four. We all have different obligations, but nothing should get in the way of your health. Without it, we have nothing.


The mainstream fitness industry has gotten so caught up in fad diets, pills, supplements, and so on...
Which usually ends with someone eating very little and exercising way too much.

Always remember, dieting is a stress on the body. Sure there is good stress, especially when your body can handle it and grow stronger! That's the key there, but most people take this to the extremes.

The more and more one tries to diet (and the older you get) the more difficult it is to lose weight in this manner.

The solution starts with cutting out restriction:

What you can't eat, can't do, and can't experience...

My approach with Train Eat Live is to open you up to all the amazing, enjoyable, nutrient-dense foods that not only support your health but support your fitness goals as well.

In short, if you set up your diet in a way that you can still include the foods you love, you have a social life, you're healthy, you're radiating with energy...

Well, you win, and you'll be able to stay consistent long enough to reach your fat loss and muscle build goals.


When you eat something that causes bloating, gas, or any digestive stress, you are causing metabolic damage and it's going to hurt your health in the long-term.

Easily digestible foods = youth and energy Difficult foods = tear down youth and zap energy

Yes, we're human and we want to have fun. That's where moderation comes in. But let's chat about how your foundation should look.

Pro-Metabolic Foods also give you a thermogenic boost, if you're eating something that raises your metabolic rate, you'll in turn, burn more calories overall.

Your hands and feet will be warm, you'll radiate energy, you'll rarely get sick, your skin will glow, and you'll have unstoppable mental clarity. Examples:


Bone Broth Collagen
Coconut Oil Potatoes Sourdough bread Squash & Zucchini Oranges


Canola Oil
Vegetable oil
Commercial Grains (cereal, pop tarts, white bread, etc.) Artificial Sweeteners
Soy Lecithin
Xantham Gum And Other Gum Additives Fortified Iron
(mainly in commercial grains)

My point is to start reading your labels, more thoroughly than just how many calories and macros, there are.

Because sometimes, despite low calories and a good marco ratio, some ingredients could be hurting your health, making it more difficult to reach your fitness goals.

In other words, nutrition for faster fat loss means the foundation of your diet should consist of nutrient-dense whole foods and you doing most of your own cooking/preparation.


The goal with nutrition for faster fat loss is for you to create your own way of eating, that supports your goals, lifestyle, and preference.

Begin counting your calories with an app such as my fitness pal. Aim for 12 calories per pound of current body weight in pounds.

If you have more than 30lbs of fat to lose, start at 9-10 calories per pound of current body weight.

For example:

Someone who is 220 could try monitoring their progress at 2200 calories per day.

0.8g to 1g of protein per pound of goal weight is sufficient 30% of your total calories should come from healthy fats

And the rest of your calories will be made up of healthy carbs.

Pro Tip: Slow down and chew your food - seriously.
Fast eaters are ALWAYS going to eat more calories, right?

Chewing slows that down along with actually improving digestion and lowering the chances of you feeling bloated and tired after a meal.

Digestion starts in the mouth, and if undigested food passes into the intestines, that's when bad bacteria can overpopulate the gut and begin causing many health issues such as inflammation, bloating, and weight gain.