Helping Career Driven Men:

Lose Stubborn Fat, Build Lean Muscle, And Sky Rocket Energy With An Effective And Sustainable 4-Step System.

Helping Career Driven Men:

Lose stubborn fat, build lean muscle, and sky rocket energy with the 4-step Total Body Recomp System.

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What Makes Train. Eat. Live. Different?

A lot of people talk about wanting to get lean, strong, and improve their health, but very few people actually take action on it. Fads, gimmicks, and nonsense advice that litters the fitness industry doesn't make that easier. The fact that you’re here reading this now means that you’re ready to make your health a priority, and I’m here to support you.

Having worked with hundreds of coaching clients, and transforming my own body, I’ve learned that for most people - getting great results isn't the only problem. There are literally thousands of diets and routines that will help you...

It's also being able to maintain results for the long-term, that's the problem most face. Fitness should never consume your whole life and become a burden but rather, enhance it, so you can live at your fullest potential. That’s where Train Eat Live really shines.

Real Results - Train Eat Live

I’ve Personally Coached Hundreds Of People Through This Proven Process… The Results Speak For Themselves.


"Crazy progress... without feeling restricted or overly-stressed."

“Not only did I feel lost on what to do, I felt that I had way too many commitments to make this whole "fitness thing" a part of my life. Trent quickly changed that. He had me focus on the few essential diet and exercise strategies that gave me the most “bang for my buck,” and I started making crazy progress...The best part is that I did it without feeling restricted or overly-stressed."


Nick Progress New

"My disability is no excuse..."

"With mild cerebral palsy and busy work life in New York City it was always a struggle to make fitness and healthy choices a priority. Trent made that super easy for me. Throughout my journey of losing 70lbs, Trent helped take my body and mind to the next level. Not only do I have more confidence in myself but every area of my life is improving, it's the best of both worlds."


Joseph new

"Working with Trent has been terrific!"

“I couldn't be happier with the program - the results, I believe, really speak for themselves. Trent has stayed in close contact with me throughout the program - keeping me motivated - monitoring my results. He always answered any questions that I had. May I happened to be having any issues with anything - he was always attentive and responded quickly. If you are struggling with obtaining the results you want - you have landed in the right spot. Put in the work and follow the program that Trent creates for you - rest assured you will see phenomenal results - I certainly have."


Transform From Skinny-Fat To Lean & Muscular

Transform From Skinny-Fat To Lean & Muscular